Copenhagen Invitational Coaches Clinic 2024

Join us for two days of inspiration from some of the best in the game. Get a true international basketball experience

Friday, June 21, 2 PM - Saturday, June 22, 5 PM

  • Clinic Fee: 140 Euro/1050 DKK
  • Register 5 coaches from the same club - get one spot for free
  • T-shirt for all participants
  • Ticket for the Copenhagen Invitational tournament
  • Certificate of participation
  • Coaches in Denmark will earn a T-coaching license
  • Dinner Friday and lunch Saturday can be ordered upon registration
  • The sessions end at 9.30 PM on the 21st and commence at 10 AM on the 22nd
  • If you need a place to stay we recommend our partner  Hotel Bymose Hegn



14.00 Official welcome
14.10 Andreas Kapoulas
Evolution of coaching at Bristol Flyers
16.00 Francesco Tabellini
Defining and setting priorities in coaching
17.45 Anders Sommer
Alternative analytics in Bakken Bears
19.45 Francesco Tabellini
Playing uptempo

10:00 Zan Tabak
The use of the big man in modern basketball
11.45 Individual big man work out
13.45 Anders Sommer
3-man actions for youth basketball
15.30 Andreas Kapoulas
Playing with reads and counters

Žan Tabak 

Head coach of Trefl Sopot (POL) 

Žan Tabak is a former professional basketball player who turned into a successful coach known for his leadership on and off the court. With an impressive playing career in Europe and the NBA, Tabak brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his coaching style. His ability to connect with players, motivate them to reach their full potential, and instill a winning mentality sets him apart as a top-tier coach. Tabak's passion for the game, attention to detail, and strategic thinking make him a valuable asset to any team looking to improve and succeed. Coaches attending this clinic can learn from Tabak's innovative coaching techniques and dedication to excellence in every aspect of the game.

  • Played professionally in the Italien Serie A before being selected by the Houston Rockets in the 1994 NBA Draft
  • Spent 20 seasons as a professional playing clubs like Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, and Indiana Pacers. Later for Fenerbahce, Real Madrid and Maccabi Tel Aviv.
  • Known for his defensive skills and shot-block ability as a center
  • Transitioned into coaching at Sant Josep Girona in 2011 after retiring as a player
  • Coached Saski Baskonia to a 17-game winning streak in 2012
  • Served as a head coach for Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2015-16
  • Named head coach of Slovakia national team in 2019
  • Known for his focus on player development and defensive strategy
  • Recognized for his basketball IQ and leadership skills

Francesco Tabellini 

Head coach of ERA Basketball Nymburk (CZE)

Francesso Tabellini is an exceptional coach known for his passion, dedication, and ability to inspire players to reach their full potential. He is a skilled communicator both on and off the field, always finding ways to motivate and challenge his athletes. Tabellini's focus on player development, technical skills, and tactical knowledge sets him apart as a leader in the coaching world. His commitment to excellence and a positive mindset make him a role model for aspiring coaches everywhere.

  • Studied Classical Philology at University of Bologna while coaching at Virtus Bologna Academy 
  • Coached at high schools in Bologna, Samoggia
  • Various coaching positions at Universo Treviso Basket and Virtus Bologna - Head coach of ERA Basketball Nymburk and USK Praha men's teams 
  • Currently head coach for Nymburk men's team 2023 - 2024 - Has FIBA and national coach licenses, youth basketball coach license, and more
  • Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Classical Philology and Literature with honors - Fluent in Italian and English 
  • Believes in fast-paced, intense basketball with quick transitions and pressure defense 
  • Focuses on "basketball without pauses" and maximizing offensive possessions while maintaining strong defense

Andreas Kapoulas

Bristol Flyers Head Coach (GB) & Great Britain Mens Assistant Coach

Andreas Kapoulas is a highly respected basketball coach known for his passion, dedication, and leadership on and off the court. With years of experience in coaching at both the youth and professional levels, Kapoulas has a proven track record of developing players to reach their full potential.

As a coach, Kapoulas emphasizes the importance of hard work, discipline, and teamwork. He creates a positive and supportive environment for his players, pushing them to excel while also building their confidence and morale. Kapoulas is known for his strategic thinking, innovative tactics, and ability to adapt to different situations during games.

Under his guidance, teams have seen success and improvement, with players citing Kapoulas as a mentor who has helped them grow both as athletes and individuals. His commitment to the game and his players make him a highly respected figure in the basketball community.

  • Andreas Kapoulas began his coaching career in the UK at the age of 19 with the London School of Basketball. 
  • He quickly rose through the coaching ranks and became head coach of the Bristol Flyers in the British Basketball League (BBL) in 2014. 
  • Under his leadership, the Flyers have consistently improved their performance in the BBL, reaching the playoffs in multiple seasons. 
  • Kapoulas has also been appointed as the head coach of the Great Britain Under-20 national team, where he has helped develop young talent and improve the team's standing in international competitions. 
  • In addition to his coaching duties, Kapoulas has also worked as a talent scout for various European teams, helping discover promising players for professional contracts. 
  • Kapoulas is known for his innovative coaching style, which focuses on player development, tactical execution, and team chemistry. 
  • He has a strong track record of developing young talent and helping players reach their full potential, with many of his former players going on to successful professional careers. 
  • Kapoulas has also been involved in coaching clinics and seminars, sharing his knowledge and expertise with other coaches and aspiring basketball players. 
  • In 2019, Kapoulas was named the BBL Coach of the Year for his outstanding performance with the Bristol Flyers. 
  • As one of the most promising young coaches in British basketball, Andreas Kapoulas continues to make a significant impact on the sport both domestically and internationally.

Anders Sommer

Head Coach of Bakken Bears (DEN)

Anders Sommer is a seasoned basketball coach known for his strategic mind and unwavering dedication to his players. With over 15 years of coaching experience, he has developed a reputation for his ability to propel teams to success on and off the court. Sommer's coaching style is characterized by his emphasis on teamwork, communication, and a strong work ethic.

Throughout his career, Sommer has consistently proven his ability to inspire and motivate his players to reach their full potential. His passion for the game is evident in the way he tirelessly works to improve his team's skills and strategies, always pushing them to be the best they can be.

Beyond his coaching skills, Sommer is also known for his commitment to mentorship and leadership development. He takes pride in helping his players grow both as athletes and as individuals, instilling in them the values of determination, resilience, and sportsmanship.

In summary, Anders Sommer is more than just a basketball coach – he is a true leader who brings out the best in his players and leaves a lasting impact on everyone he works with.

  • 2009-2014: Denmark under 15 and under 18 NT assistant coach in European youth championships. 
  • 2012-2016 Værløse youth coach in national championships with U12, U14, U17 and U19 groups
  • 2016-2018 Værløse head coach in Denmark. Winning promotion to the highest league
  • Denmark under 16 NT head coach in European youth championships. Bronze medalist
  • 2017-2021 Denmark NT assistant coach 
  • 2019-2021 Bakken Bears assistant coach. Winning 2 x league championship and cup championship. FIBA Europe Cup Final4
  • 2021-2024  Bakken Bears head coach. 2 x league championship and cup championship, FIBA Europe Cup Final4 (2022), ENBL Winner (2024)


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